How to move to Latvia?

Latvia is the immigration destination of choice for many people who want to enjoy the benefits of living in Europe. However, many people get the wrong idea about how to move to this EU country from the research they do on the Internet. This happens because the accuracy of knowledge is relative and information needs to be constantly updated, especially before relocation. In addition, not all people who explain how to move to EU countries are real experts in the immigration field.

Our Legal EU Counsel lawyers are certified specialists and competent to handle relocation matters in Latvia. We provide migration services to this destination on a regular basis. In particular, we offer advice on the process of moving to Latvia. Our experts also provide such support with official immigration procedures:

  • Assistance in obtaining documents required by the legislation of Latvia;
  • Accompaniment of a personal lawyer during visits to the relevant authorities;
  • Help in searching for relevant documentation in archives;
  • Monitoring the progress of the client's case;
  • Translation, notarization and other assistance with the preparation of documents;
  • Detailed consultations at each stage of the relocation process.
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The legal support of our company when you move to Latvia is advantageous for many reasons. Choosing the services of our specialists includes:

  • Cooperation based on an official agreement;
  • Security of personal data and complete confidentiality;
  • Compliance with all legal procedures for move to Latvia;
  • Receiving up-to-date information on immigration and adaptation aspects;
  • Acceleration of the resettlement process.

Preparation of documents for obtaining citizenship

Preparing documents for acquiring citizenship is an inseparable part of moving to Latvia. A complete package of certificates required by the legislation of this European country must be collected and their condition must correspond to all standards. The list of documentation needed to move and obtain a passport of Latvia varies depending on the chosen immigration program. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the exact certificates required to be presented to the officials in your particular circumstances. If you experience complications in gathering and preparing documents, consider contacting competent specialists.

When you move to Latvia, having decided on the immigration program, it is advisable to prepare a basic package of certificates. Later, additional ones required by the legislation for obtaining citizenship in your situation can be added. The basic list of documents for applying for passport of Latvia is given below: /p>

  • Completed application form;
  • ID and international passport;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Proof of legal residence in Latvia, such as a visa or RP;
  • Certificate of no criminal record;
  • Marriage certificate, if available;
  • Bank statement showing sufficient legal income to live on the state’s territory.

Relocation and adaptation

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How to adapt to living in a different society after moving to Latvia is a frequent concern of many migrants. If you receive citizenship through repatriation, where the process of obtaining a passport takes less than two years, spending sufficient time in the country is improbable. However, there is a certain pattern that will help you get used to the new society more swiftly during your relocation to Latvia:

  • Find suitable accommodation. Buying or renting property in Latvia is inexpensive compared to other European states. Specialized websites will provide advice for you on how to purchase real estate after your move. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, as this will determine the speed and success of your adaptation.
  • Master the Latvian language before you move. Targeted courses can help you improve these skills. Learning the language is also necessary when applying for citizenship, which is one of the main requirements. You should also continue to improve your skills while living in the country. Although many Latvians speak English, it is better not to rely on this fact alone for peaceful accommodation and everyday communication.
  • Explore the culture of the country. During your move to Latvia, find out how the locals live, what holidays they celebrate, how they behave, etc. The more integrated you are into everyday life, the faster you will adapt.
  • Get a job or establish a business. After moving to Latvia and becoming its citizen, you can start working in any EU state. However, this European Union state has all the conditions for developing professional skills. The economy is stable and good workers are always in demand. The most sought-after professions in Latvia are marketers, construction workers, IT specialists, financial experts and engineers.

Conclusions and recommendations

Latvia is an attractive EU state for becoming a citizen and settling down, but knowing how to move and adapt is vital. The preparation of documents is also an important factor that should not be overlooked for successful immigration. All applicants, regardless of their country of origin or the reason for their move, are subject to thorough checks.

By contacting Legal EU Counsel, you will receive sufficient support with documentation and receive answers on how to move to this European state more swiftly.