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Requirements for obtaining a Romanian passport

Obtaining a Romanian passport is a relatively straightforward way for individuals to start enjoying the privileges of having European citizenship and living freely in EU. The state's policy towards new residents is characterized by a welcoming and encouraging approach. There are numerous immigration programs in Romania, each with its own set of requirements. It is essential for prospective newcomers to be fully aware of these conditions to ensure a successful relocation.

Benefits of European citizenship

Citizenship in European countries is highly attractive due to the benefits it brings, which help to enhance various aspects of life. Residing in the EU means enjoying stability, membership of a highly developed society and accessing a competitive business market. States of Europe are among the best places in the world to settle ,as confirmed by many relevant indicators from independent statistical sources. According to Numbeo, by 2024, 15 of the top 20 countries in terms of quality of life are European.

How to move to Latvia?

Latvia is the immigration destination of choice for many people who want to enjoy the benefits of living in Europe. However, many people get the wrong idea about how to move to this EU country from the research they do on the Internet. This happens because the accuracy of knowledge is relative and information needs to be constantly updated, especially before relocation. In addition, not all people who explain how to move to EU countries are real experts in the immigration field.

Popular options for obtaining citizenship in Switzerland

Situated in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is known for its innovation, cultural diversity, commitment to neutrality and international influence in various fields. People who wish to settle in a state with natural beauty and desirable living standards choose to relocate there. Moreover, it has a stable political system, solid economic situation, and allows individuals to hold two or more passports. Acquiring citizenship in Switzerland is prestigious and appealing to countless migrants worldwide.

Swift relocation to Canada

Canada's immigration programs offer people the chance to acquire residence permit in that country and obtain new career and business opportunities. This land is known for its strong economic performance, high quality medical system and enjoyable standard of living. These factors make it an attractive destination for emigrants from all around the world, including European Union states.

Key aspects of immigration to the USA

Immigration to the USA is a dream for anyone who wants to live and prosper in one of the most developed countries existing. Even European citizens choose the US as a destination for permanent settlement, not to mention immigrants from less developed regions and countries. According to the American Community Survey, the foreign-born population in the USA was 13.9% in 2022. This means that the United States is open to newcomers and has a loyal immigration policy.

Immigration to Romania: advantages and disadvantages

For those wishing to obtain a European passport, Romania is one of the most popular immigration destinations. This country has a rapidly growing economy, creating working places and business opportunities for everyone. From a political perspective, it has proposed “National Strategy for immigration for 2021-2025”. It declares that this state is open to foreign residents and must attract skilled workers from all around the world.

Immigration to Europe by repatriation

European Union countries have always been attractive to immigrants. Better living conditions, higher salaries, safer environment and superior life prospects for future generations – those are the main things that inspire people to relocate to Europe. Different types of immigration exist and are available to anyone willing to move. The one method we will talk about in this article is repatriation. Let us discover who can obtain citizenship this way, what are the benefits of this type of immigration and summarize the main points that will be mentioned below.

Immigration in Australia

Australia — country of not only beautiful landscapes, sunny beaches and diverse wildlife. It is also known for rapid economic growth, various workplaces and high quality of life. Among countless immigrants, it is regarded as one of the most desirable locations to settle in the world. Immigration to Australia holds numerous benefits, which will be described below.

Moving to Slovenia: The Benefits of Immigration in 2023

Slovenia is located in Central Europe. As a small state, it is now becoming a popular destination for immigration. There is a list of reasons for this surge in popularity. As you read on, we are going to explore these, as well as advise on how you can approach a relocation to Slovenia on your own.

Business Relocation to the EU

Considering moving your business to the EU? Explore the pros and cons of this step. Gain access to a large market but be aware of cultural challenges. Find out why you need to consult experts to make the right decisions.

TOP 7 EU states with the easiest citizenship procedures

As experts in international migration and citizenship matters, we aim to provide valuable insights and guidance to individuals considering relocation and exploring the benefits of obtaining a European passport. In today's globalized world, having a European passport can offer a multitude of advantages and open up a world of opportunities.

TOP-10 myths about European citizenship

The European Union (EU) passport is highly sought after due to the benefits that come with being an EU citizen. The EU citizen passport provides freedom of movement within the EU, the ability to work and study in any EU country, as well as access to medical and social services. However, there are still many misconceptions surrounding EU citizenship. In this article, we will debunk the top 10 common myths about European citizenship.

The impact of immigration policies and regulations on businesses and industries

Immigration can have a significant impact on businesses and industries in several ways. Here are a few ...

What rights does the EU passport give to its holders in the USA?

The holders of an EU passport have certain rights and privileges when visiting or residing in the United States. These rights are primarily based on the Visa Waiver Program and the EU-US Open Skies Agreement.

Citizenship by birth - how to obtain?

It is important which country people have citizenship of, because it affects a number of benefits that they can enjoy. That is why, if you are planning to give birth, learn the requirements in the legislation of a particular country, to be sure, that your child will get the most lucrative citizenship.

Easiest EU countries to immigrate nowadays

Before implementing your immigration into reality, you should know which of the countries suggest the easiest requirements for the applicants. Of course, every person has unique conditions which can determine the most convenient path for them.

Why is Citizenship better than TRC and Permanent Resident Card?

Every form of resident status in EU countries has its pros and cons. The ground for a particular choice depends on one’s financial position, duration of residency, and several other critical elements.

How can you immigrate to the EU: terms of legal relocation

Possessing European citizenship comes with benefits, and we at Legal EU Counsel can help everyone to achieve this dream. So, let us first guide you regarding the main requirements needed before relocating to an EU state.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment

Bulgarian authorities have announced the terms of the updated program "Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment"

The National Citizenship Agency new correspond way!

Good news for those looking forward to acquiring (or reinstating) Romanian citizenship.

Slovenian residence without personal presence!

Now obtaining a residence permit is as comfortable as possible due to the remote paperwork submission.

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