Key aspects of immigration to the USA

Immigration to the USA is a dream for anyone who wants to live and prosper in one of the most developed countries existing. Even European citizens choose the US as a destination for permanent settlement, not to mention immigrants from less developed regions and countries. According to the American Community Survey, the foreign-born population in the USA was 13.9% in 2022. This means that the United States is open to newcomers and has a loyal immigration policy.

There are several ways to move to the USA. The four most common are:

  • Labor immigration;
  • Resettlement under refugee status;
  • Obtaining a Green Card;
  • Relocation via family reunification program.

The above methods of immigration are popular due to their accessibility. The requirements for entry under these options are available to most people and they imply straightforward conditions for living in the USA.

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How many immigrants are accepted in the US every year?

Immigration to the USA involves obtaining a visa to work and live in the country. The number of newcomers allowed into the United States is subject to annual limits determined by the US government. These are set by Congress and vary yearly based on factors such as immigration policies, economic conditions and national priorities. Considering the employment-based program, the total number of visas available annually is capped at 140,000.

Access to the US immigration programs is not determined by your country of origin. According to Migration Policy Institute analysis of 2021, the top 6 states from which people move to the USA are:

  • El Salvador;
  • China;
  • Vietnam;
  • Mexico;
  • Philippines;
  • India.

Citizenship of the US is also often obtained by European nationals. Historically, many EU citizens have relatives in the USA, which makes it easier to obtain a visa under the family reunification program. Also, European education and work experience in European companies are highly valued in the context of the employment visa. Therefore, immigration from the EU to the US is relatively easy.

Visa to the US

Grounds for inadmissibility to the United States

Immigration to the United States can be cancelled due to a variety of reasons, as the US government has the power to determine who is eligible to receive admission. Below are listed 8 common causes for being denied entry to the USA:

  • Criminal history — convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude, drug offences or violence;
  • Entry violations — previously committed a breach of USA immigration laws;
  • Health issues — contagious disease or pose a health risk to the public;
  • Security concerns — involvement in terrorism, espionage and other similar activities;
  • Misrepresentation or fraud — provided false information or fraudulent documents during immigration process;
  • Prior removal or deportation — previously deported or removed from the USA;
  • Lack of ties to home country — cannot prove strong ties to your home country;
  • Insufficient funds — cannot demonstrate sufficient financial resources to support yourself after immigration to the USA.

To avoid unnecessary complications during the application process, it is advisable to contact a lawyer before moving to the USA. Legal advice and preparation of documents with the experts’ assistance are beneficial to achieve successful result.


The United States of America is a land of opportunity to those seeking the most favorable country for immigration. Although the majority of new arrivals come from less developed countries, an EU passport allows entry without a visa, and becoming a permanent resident in the USA is much easier while having one. As long as a number of requirements are met and there are no reasons to deny entry, anyone can move there to live.