Swift relocation to Canada

Canada's immigration programs offer people the chance to acquire residence permit in that country and obtain new career and business opportunities. This land is known for its strong economic performance, high quality medical system and enjoyable standard of living. These factors make it an attractive destination for emigrants from all around the world, including European Union states.

Swift relocation to Canada is possible thanks to the government's immigration programs. They are created to provide highly skilled and innovative individuals with more career opportunities and to develop the country's economic, scientific and other sectors. To manage visa applications, Canada has developed the Express Entry System, intending to make relocation to the state swift.

Canadian Express Entry System

Express Entry is the Canadian immigration system developed to process visa applications under certain relocation schemes. Its main purpose is to screen applicants for permanent residence in this country. In order to keep the immigration procedures swift, the authorities of Canada assess the qualifications of potential newcomers according to various criteria and then identify the most promising candidates, enabling them to obtain a visa.

The screening system is point-based. Applicants are assessed on a range of factors including educational attainment, employment record, linguistic proficiencies and other relevant criteria. The main ways of relocation administered via Express Entry are:

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program is dedicated to specialists in certain occupations or crafts that possess the necessary technical knowledge and qualification needed to do specific work in Canada;
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program is developed for foreign professionals that meet specific criteria such as linguistic expertise, qualifications, employment history and adaptiveness;
  • Canadian Experience Class is intended to persons with professional expertise in Canada wishing to acquire visa. An individual must demonstrate, among other qualifications, evidence of one or more years of work experience in the state.
Swift relocation to Canada: Legaleucounsel's recomendations

List of skilled trades in Canada

Skilled trades can be in demand depending on the state of the labor market in Canada. Keeping track of legal news and development in the immigration field is an important way to stay informed in this matter. Every trade is highly valued, but there are some qualifications that can help to make immigration to Canada swift by providing additional points within Express Entry system. Here are the most in-demand professions in 2023:

  • Information Technology;
  • Education;
  • Healthcare;
  • Sales and marketing;
  • Financial analysis and accounting;
  • Engineering;
  • Human resources;
  • Craft trades;
  • Business analysis and project management;
  • Biotechnology and life sciences.

Qualifications in these fields make relocation to Canada swift. This country welcomes promising people who demonstrate a desire to develop and who are eligible to obtain permanent residence.