How can you immigrate to the EU: terms of legal relocation

Possessing European citizenship comes with benefits, and we at Legal EU Counsel can help everyone to achieve this dream. So, let us first guide you regarding the main requirements needed before relocating to an EU state.

Legal Ways of Immigration to the EU

Visa Application to the EU

The most crucial aspect of migration is the possibility of residing and working legally within the boundaries of the EU. Freedom of its citizens among all member states of the European Union is possible thanks to a common customs and immigration policy. Nonetheless, all non-EU citizens must apply for visas directly to the country they are traveling to as each state has different requirements. Make sure you research the conditions for the particular EU country you are moving to.

Below are fundamental requirements all individuals must meet before moving, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, a student or a businessman.

Correctly Filled Out Application

It is better to work with a responsible company like Legal EU Counsel to fill out the application form, as even minor imperfections can lead to a rejected application.

Compile and Apostille the Required Documentation

The process requires submission of documentation that proves your income, education level, or evidence of employment. In addition, documents may need to be apostilled.

European Citizenship

EU citizenship can be obtained by various procedures, including investment, repatriation, and naturalization. Consequently, lawyers can help immigrants fulfill essential steps by planning their best course of actions. For many people, repatriation is the prime way of obtaining European citizenship. It does not include the registration of residence permit or permanent residence, and that is why requires much less time to achieve the result. Thus, Legal EU Counsel offers assistance to those pursuing that process.

Lawyers handle administrative tasks, application procedures, case supervision, etc.

Once non-EU residents have a proof of their chances to register by repatriation, Legal EU Counsel will help to manage all the processes of the procedure.

Eligibility for European citizenship depends on particular prerequisites, and the applicants must meet the following standards:

  • 18 years old;
  • No criminal record;
  • Have the proof of property ownership (or another territorial belonging);
  • Pass the exam or oath-taking ceremony.

Registration with Legal EU Counsel

As a company specializing in assisting people from different backgrounds in obtaining European citizenship, we are used to working with government representatives to provide a smooth process for our clients.

Planning meticulously, paying close attention to paperwork details, and having a thorough understanding of legal options are all required for acquiring European citizenship. deals with applications for European citizenship by repatriation in great detail and are pleased to report that a lot of our clients are content.

We can help you determine your eligibility, find, clarify, and prepare supporting documentation, communicate with the appropriate government servants, and assist at every stage by completing a number of the documents required on the applicant's behalf.

Registration with will help you achieve a European passport hassle-free, and in a quick, and efficient way.