Slovenian residence without personal presence!

The borders have been closed due to the epidemiological situation for a long time now. As soon as it becomes possible to freely enter the European Union, the people will desire to travel, expand their business, change their place of residence, or just visit the family.
If you want to avoid the queues, it is best to apply for a Slovenian passport currently, and be ready to enjoy all the advantages of being an EU citizen when the time comes.

Now obtaining a residence permit is as comfortable as possible due to the remote paperwork submission – it mainly takes place online.
Registration procedures do not require personal presence as well, and all meetings are postponed until the frontiers open.

There are several types of immigration to Slovenia: getting a job through work visa and an employment contract, enrollment in the higher education course, marrying a citizen (the check for fictitious nuptials is a must).

Slovenian citizenship

Registration of a company and opening a personal account in a bank is a solid ground for obtaining a residence permit as well.
Despite the new working conditions, we continue to help our clients register companies remotely, successfully process the applications for work and residence in Slovenia.

But the easiest way to become a national is still repatriation.
The program was designed for the people who are descendants of Slovenian citizens - that is, if your ancestors have previously lived on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia (or the former Yugoslavia) – it means, you are entitled to return to your historic homeland.

To draw up the paperwork on applying for the citizenship of Slovenia and not omit any important details that could delay your case, book a consultation from a migration specialist.

Our company for many years has been providing comprehensive support in the process of obtaining Slovenian citizenship.
You may very soon not only be part of a small European country, warm and welcoming, but a resident of the EU, not renouncing your former citizenship in the meantime.